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If You Have an Email List,
You Need Email List Guard


Protect Your Email List

Email List Guard will alert you whenever a list you have sold or entrusted to a third-party is being abused by over-sending, sending of unauthorized or brand-harmful content, or has been resold to an unauthorized down-stream party.

Our ELG Rental Platform relieves you of most of the administrative and technical overhead when you allow an advertiser to send their collateral to your list while sending on your platform. Let us do the management, coding, hosting, scheduling, sending, and delivery management for you. All you do is the final approval -- and the getting paid.

01. If You Sell Your List

Over-sending that wears out your list and earns unsubscribes. Advertiser content that is harmful to your brand. Unauthorized resale of the list. These are all risks ELG can mitigate once you turn your list over to someone else.

02. If Entrust Your List to an Agency or Service Bureau

Even if your agency is only sending your content to your list, are they safeguarding your list adequately? You trust your agency, but are you verifying? Your list is your asset, protect it!

03. If Your Keep Your List

You may decide not to sell your list, or to put it into the hands of an agency, but lists leak anyway. A database is configured with a security weakness. An employee, unhappy or in financial hardship, sells the list for their own benefit. Do you want to find out early, or when it's too late?

04. If You Rent Your List

If you monetize your list by sending dedicated emails on behalf of your advertisers you protect yourself from most risks. But, do you want to be in the email sending business? Setting up HTML in your email system, hosting content, managing copy and image updates, monitoring deliverability and performance? Simplify email management, reduce costs, and save time and staff distraction by using ELG's hosted solution.


Understand Threats
To Your Valuable Asset

Without experience and expertise, it's easy to under-estimate the risk to the value of your email list. You may not recognize all the threats. You may not have time to protect and monitor. Business gets in the way and you may not do everything you should when you should.

Let Email List Guard bring our experience, expertise, focus, and discipline to protect your valuable email list asset.




We're marketers and technologists who once had a valuable email list we wanted to monetize, but couldn't find a way to protect. Turns out, many people were in the same boat. The best problems to solve are the ones you know well and that others share with you. Thus, ELG was born.


We want to make protecting your email list easy and worry free. We want to help you get the most value from your list. We want to help make your customers', clients', and subscribers' email inboxes a better place.


In theory, email defense is easy. Just add a unique "seed" email to every list segment you sell, monitor the seed accounts regularly, and trace violations back to the sender or leaker.

In practice, unique, ordinary-looking email accounts are hard to source in bulk, and few businesses have the time or discipline to monitor them diligently.

We  use relationships with ISPs, technology, and AI do both well.

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